6 available slot

Girls Charter May 30 – June 02 (3 Day, 3 Night)


Girls Getaway on the West Coast of Florida. Arrive to the boat in Treasure Island, Florida on Thursday 05/30 @ 3pm and return to port on Sunday 6/02 @ 5pm.

6 slots available

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Ahoy, mermaids! Set sail on an exciting voyage of exploration and joy as we set off into the enchanted world of the Caribbean. Enjoy the tropical warmth as you discover secluded coves, verdant rainforests, and quaint island communities. Come along for an exciting journey filled with culture, adventure, and friendship as we make our way across the pristine waters of paradise. There’s a spot for you on our special ladies-only charter, regardless of your level of sailing experience. Arrive at 3pm on Thursday May 30th and return to port at the end of the day on Sunday June 2nd.